About Sandalwood


Toby-Lyn Heaven

Like so many successful small businesses, Sandalwood Salon & Spa’s story originated from humble beginnings 20 years ago. Toby-Lyn Heaven would combine her talent for making people look and feel good about themselves, with a growing consciousness that she and her husband Phil Heaven share: to live a sustainable and environmentally aware lifestyle. Toby-Lyn was introduced to the AVEDA Salon concept her first year out of cosmetology school, and it was one that resonated with many of her core values. When posed with the question of whether to use cosmetics made from plants & flowers (AVEDA) – vs. using cosmetics made from petrol- chemicals and animal by-products – without sacrificing quality, the answer was obvious for the Heavens.

Where The Sustainable Road Leads

If there is any message or knowledge that Toby-Lyn would like to convey through the business, it would include educating people about the benefits of using plant-derived ingredients – becoming more aware of the choices we make in general – and the impact we have on the environment. Each little picture is a snapshot of the bigger picture.  “I make the choice to use only biodegradable cleaners, recyclable products, and serving organic coffee and tea in my business. Even the electric car we use for commuting to work each day and the bio-diesel RV we use for trips and travel are all choices that contribute to a better environment. I’m trying to live in a good way – to lead in the business by the example set by our lifestyle choices.”

sandalwood_zebraQuality. Comfort. Community.

Those three attributes define the Sandalwood Salon & Spa experience. AVEDA takes care of the quality product, but it is the quality of service that brings clients to the salon, and coming back for years. Next thing you know, you have community! From the very beginning, Toby-Lyn has strived to establish a more personal experience for the salon’s clientele – something more than just a good haircut & hair color: a “wellness experience.” From a child’s first haircut to high school graduation; to fine tuning the high-powered business executive’s ‘GQ’ look; or keeping the college kids looking cool and stylin’, Sandalwood’s clients all have one thing in common when they leave the salon: they look good and feel great.